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We are The American Veterans Alliance.

Founded in 1985 by our very own Waddell Mcgee the A.V.A. was originally conceived as an organization for advocacy "By Vets for Vets".

Literally started by going from soldier to soldier on base and filling out rudimentary membership forms the organization today enjoys a solid and consistent track record of accomplishment.

It took very little time to learn that to serve effectively in the Veteran community it was best to grease the skids and counter productive to rock the boat.

The strategy became cooperation, coordination and creativity in conjunction with government bureaucracies and other Non-Government Organizations.

This has allowed the A.V.A. to build strategic partnerships with the Veterans Administration nationally and at the local level and The Department of Defense. Melded strategically with other private sector partners and enthusiastic political support has allowed a tremendous amount of success.

This has brought us the opportunity to conceive programs for more than our organization at the same time as we have cooperated on programs other than our own. Our assistance to the government has been as valuable as their support of our efforts and together we have launched programs, developed criteria, performed research and shared data in the overall mission to support the Vets.

As the A.V.A. grew and expanded other chapters were established where the local reach could be nurtured and programs and services could be delivered face to face.

The decimination of these programs and training and educating people at the local level is a current strategic focus. Along with the outreach to local authorities and volunteers we have been able to apply this approach successfully and will continue until we get to them all.

Veterans that need nothing and Veterans that need attention right now. We have programs that are of benefit to both.

Obviously no one organization can do everything. We are happy to support other initiatives. We can do all of their job. We can do part of their job. We can provide funding and support. We can supervise. We can do the grunt work.

The Government enjoys our assistance. They want to be made aware of what works and where their failures are. We have them to thank for much of our ability to do what we do.

There are entities that have grown from what were initially programs of ours and we have supported one that has become the largest Hispanic Veterans organization in the world. This is The Society of Hispanic Veterans and they deserve your support.

The past decade has been one of War. Our job is not done. We have a lot to do.

Our projects include expanding service to our Sisters as greatly as they have expanded their service to our nation. We are working full time on programs related to the educational and the economic future of all Vets and their families. Our immediate goal is to develop a data base of available services and match them to all qualified recipients through the U.S.Troop Relief Foundation and to actually deliver this information through the American Alliance for Disabled Veterans. The families of our lost and disabled Brothers and Sisters and their children come first. Secondly we have decided to raise a huge pile of cash for another foundation.

This is what we do. This is why we need your help.


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