The American Veterans Alliance was originally conceived in 1985 as an alliance of Veterans to advocate for Veterans issues.

At that time there was an entire generation of Veterans that were in many ways different than any Veteran that had come before. Their conflict had been Viet Nam. An unconventional war in an unconventional time. There were new issues and new problems that Veterans faced and the A.V.A.stepped into the mix to try to be an effective voice for the voiceless.

In the decades that have followed, we have learned a lot.

Firstly, we know we can't do it alone. We absolutely have to support, promote and sometimes fund programs other than our own. We can't be everywhere all the time. All the time, there are Veterans everywhere.

Secondly, although Viet Nam was different and the times were different and the challenges were different there was one thing that really hadn't changed. The Veterans. The men and women who had served. From the Second World War to Korea to Viet Nam, all these Veterans faced the same obstacles and all these Veterans searched for the same opportunities.

Then we went back to war. First there was the liberation of Kuwait. Then Bosnia. A new millineum and we get attacked by people that threaten freedom everywhere. Politics and policy can be debated and there can be agreements and disagreements until the cows come home but, I think we all can agree, the troops all served. They and their families made the sacrifice.

So, whether you are a Veteran in your nineties or a Veteran that is just nineteen, The American Veterans Alliance, our partners and the other organzations that we want to introduce you to, will be here for them, their families and children. Period.

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