There are many truths that we citizens of this great nation are forced to face. It is normal to hope and pray for the best in these circumstances but the truth is that the best is often not the case. We, The American Veterans Alliance have for quite some time been aware of one thing that is rather disturbing. Actually, "disturbing" is putting it mildly.

Did you know that if a Veteran dies and they are homeless, indigent or simply "outside the system", they usually do not recieve the burial service that befits them.

In fact, they often receive no service at all and are interred in an unmarked paupers grave.
These Veterans served just the same. Imagine knowing that, due to circumstances, if something happened, one of these Veterans would not receive the service they deserve for the service they performed. As tragic as this situation sounds the solution is in front of you, and we don't need to wait for Congress.

The American Veterans Alliance, a non-profit organization, administers a program to educate and train responsible authority (ie; Coroner's offices, County and hospital morgue operators, Medical Examiners and local elected officials) to intervene in the case of identified Veterans. We then "adopt" these remains of our brothers and sisters and see to their proper burial, stone marker and memorial remembrance at a very low cost in one of our National Veterans Cemeteries.

These Veterans will be remembered each and every time the next generation learns the sacrifice they made as they place the Flags on their markers for Veterans Day, Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. The fact that you have read this far is evidence of your concern.

It's not much but you can help. This site can help with a your small donation so The American Veterans Alliance will always "adopt" these remains and give our thanks and respect. If you can get behind any program to support Veterans, well, you can get behind this one for its low cost. You can get behind this one for its simpicity. You can get behind this one for its basic decency.




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