We are always asking for your support and appreciate any small thing that you can do right now. Our on-going burial with dignity program is always a good place to spend whatever you can afford.

We have many programs that we support in many different locations and you are welcome to suggest where you would like any substantial donation to be targeted. If it is for a specific effort in a specific locality for a specific Veteran, that is fine with us. We would love the opportunity to help you affect the life of anyone we can.

To be a more substantial donor it might be helpful to consider the value of your time as well. Money will never get everything done. If your company or organization wants to give X amount and you have an idea for an effort on behalf of a Veteran or more, your time can be just as valuable.

We have decades of experience in local effort programs and, after all, locally is where all the Veterans are. You just need to contact Kevin Humes and we can very quickly get on board. We can provide training, further fund-raising, programs that work or expertise in the development of new programs.

So donate. $5.00, $10.00 or whatever you can. If you would like to donate $25.00 we will recognize you as a member of The American Veterans Alliance (yes, there's a t-shirt). The word we use is please. No pressure. But, remember, none of this stuff gets done without you.



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If you would like to help!!!
Any size donation is appreciated...
We have longstanding programs that
always can use funding. If there is a
specific effort that you would like to
support or initiate just call or E-mail





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