Veterans Jobs Board Campaign!

McGee calls for spending one million dollars on the wounded Veterans in 2012!


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Veterans Jobs Board Campaign

The American Veterans Alliance and our partners at the Society of Hispanic Veterans have set a goal to develop a new and dynamic web listing to assist Veterans and employers. This A.V.A. job board will be dedicated to cutting edge assistance in matching employers, education and training to Veterans in all areas of employment. Supported entirely by potential employers, it is our intention to have these listings both relevant and up to date so that we can always be effective and usefull.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- is a presentation of The American Veterans Alliance. Published to promote, support and reward Veterans programs, the site will recognize efforts that provide hope, opportunity and assistance to our Veterans and their families.

Our Veterans deserve the thanks of all of our citizens. Through programs, funding and volunteerism our goal is to promote private and public partnerships and projects that serve or assist, train and educate, house and feed, secure and protect Veterans and their families. This is what we do.

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They Support vets

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Over the years the American Veterans Alliance has been involved in countless fundraising efforts for various local and national Veterans support organizations, events and programs. It is our belief and experience that the most can be done if simple, common sense effective local programs can be identified and replicated in other localities.
What works to help some Vets in Houston should be taught to those in Ann Arbor. Simple.

We have also found that many of the most capable people in any locality are the Vets. With a little funding, some training, and their desire to help their fellow Veterans you have growth. Small business programs begin. Education counseling gets off the ground. Marketing networks begin to form and before you know it, the earth moves. This stuff works. If you asked Mcgee, our founder, he would say "Always has, always will."

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