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Veterans Jobs Board Campaign

The American Veterans Alliance and our partners at the Society of Hispanic Veterans have set a goal to develop a new and dynamic web listing to assist Veterans and employers. This A.V.A. job board will be dedicated to cutting edge assistance in matching employers, education and training to Veterans in all areas of employment. Supported entirely by potential employers, it is our intention to have these listings both relevant and up to date so that we can always be effective and usefull.



McGee calls for spending one million dollars on the wounded Veterans in 2012!

Our founder and chairman, Waddell McGee was clear. He wants us to spend one million dollars on "wounded warriors" in 2012 and expects us to start right now. I was caught off guard. I was just hired to write these web-sites. I'm no expert at fund-raising.

Initially, I wanted an opportunity to ask him several questions. How do we raise the money, it's too much? One million? How? For who?

The guy has done this before. He said, "Raise all that on-line. Show me all this internet stuff works." He went on to point out that he wanted to spend a million. We would have to raise more than that.

He told me the million was for the Veterans that are having troubles living with their wounds. His estimate was that each dollar would cost twelve cents and then only if we got good volunteer efforts where those Veterans are located. So we have to raise more and we need your help.

I asked about effectiveness. Mcgee was clear. One million dollars will be a drop in the bucket in comparison to the need but, we will do it and we will help those "wounded warriors" that we can get to.

The real job is to find out who needs what. For that we need volunteers. If you know a veteran that has a combat related injury and have found that there is something they need, you should be the volunteer. Take a couple hours. We will help you. Make someone who has sacrificed for you your personal project. What do they need. Figure it out. Something physically. A medical or psychological service they can't get elsewhere? A modification to their environment? Specialized education or training considering their disability? Find them.


One million dollars. Yes, if it's your brother or your niece or someone that used to go to your church, find them. Have an idea and call us. We are raising the money right now. The most effective way to hold down the cost of administration is for you to volunteer.

Now for the most important part. This is not just about the last ten years. Eight hundred thousand wounded came home from WWll. Some of those men and women have to deal with those wounds yet today. One hundred and five thousand from Korea. One hundred and fifty-five thousand from Viet Nam. How many got hurt in Grenada? We want to get to all of them. Find out what they need. We need your help. We're going to raise the money.

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